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Welcome to Bethlehem Temple Apostolic Faith Church

Minimize is the home of Bethlehem Temple Apostolic Faith Church.  Here you will find information about our church and learn more about the Word of God.  Bethlehem Temple is the “Church for Reconciliation and Restoration”.

The site will expand over time to add more features and share more information about what's going on at the church.  Please register and join the community.  Take part of the various features currently available on the site:

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Welcome to Our Church


My brother and my sister, we are so happy that you have come to explore Bethlehem Temple Apostolic Faith Church, and of course, we know that Heaven rejoices with us for the choice you have made to begin, and/or continue your walk with the Lord on this site.  You will now find that the mark of Christian Discipleship is sharply distinguished by these three statements:


  1. Conviction is the basic content of Christian faith.  A Chrisitan holds that above all things.  The child of God holds that man is the creation of God and is the crown of all that God made and herein lies the greatness of man – he has the capacity to live in fellowship with God.

  2. Concern is the second mark of Christian discipleship.  This church in which you have visited, thinks of itself as the “Church for Reconciliation and Restoration.” To be a Christian means that in all troubles and struggles of our time, righteousness must be affirmed.  Being a Christian requires you having the confidence that though the plan of God may be delayed, it is never defeated.

  3. Finally, to be a Christian is to have a life of Commitment (one who exudes the mark of true Christian discipleship).


Pastor D. L. Bradley


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